Don’t miss this opportunity, I’ll alert you when it’s approaching (:

Not ready to commit to something long term? Let’s get to know each other in this 3 week program, looking at nourishment, lifestyle and behavioral changes in a private community on Facebook, where I will post daily action steps, examples, and guidance, answering your questions along the way!

In this course you will find:

  • daily action steps pertaining to food, movement, and lifestyle (all 3 each day)
  • a detailed nourishment & self reflection journal
  • my daily photo/report/mood check-in as example, guidance and accountability
  • respect, understanding, and encouragement
  • my daily presence answering questions and responding to your check-ins
  • a nonjudgmental community experiencing this experimental journey together
  • small friendly competitions

What I expect from you:

  • your best effort! Life gets busy, but do what you truly can
  • optional but encouraged check-ins in the Facebook group
  • respect, understanding, and encouragement while engaging in the group
  • daily nourishment & self reflection journal entries, either shared with the group, submitted to me separately, or kept to yourself for your own self discoveries
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