morning tweaks for lasting energy

I’d say my number one issue is probably that I just feel tired and worn out a lot, even when it seems like I’ve gotten like 8-9 hours of sleep some nights

Do you fall victim to that afternoon slump, or maybe wake up with an alarm and use your first bought of will power to not just yank the covers up over your face and tune out the world? But first, coffee? If any of this rings true, consider implementing these tips for more steady and reliable energy throughout the day. Even starting with one could make a difference.

  1. Hydration. When you first wake up, you could be dehydrated from perspiration, respiration, and urination throughout the night. Drink a large glass or two of (preferably filtered) water, as this is crucial for cellular hydration, which improves blood circulation and shakes off that sluggish morning feeling! You can experiment here with adding lemon or apple cider vinegar for a potential digestive boost. It is helpful to fill a bottle or glass the night before so you have it waiting for you when you first wake up, no excuse!

  2. Mini mindfulness moment. Being present and in tune with ourselves and our surroundings is not very common with our never-ending to-do lists and stressful lives. Taking just thirty seconds to take a few deep purposeful breaths could set the tone of presence for the rest of the day. Inhale through your nose and fill your stomach with air, hold for a few counts, and then release the breath through your mouth fully and audibly. Here you can also start reintroducing sensation back into your body through small movements beginning with wiggling your fingers and toes and maybe ending in a nice stretch.

  3. Gratitude. It is all too easy to start focusing on reasons we do not want to get out of bed in the morning, which decreases the motivation to do so and can have us feeling defeated before we even get going. Focusing on the positive first could switch this mindset for the better. Say three things that you are grateful for or look forward to that day. This can be in your head, but I find the efficacy increases when said aloud and maybe even with a smile.

  4. Sun exposure. Have you ever gotten a restful sleep and risen with the sun naturally? It is possibly one of the best feelings out there. Our cortisol levels are naturally higher in the morning (if hormones are properly balanced) for a boost of energy to get our days started. Natural light helps increase these levels and makes us feel more awake. As soon as you can, step outside or open a window and embrace the light. There are plenty of alarm clock systems that mimic natural sunlight as well, providing that epic one-with-nature sensation.

  5. Movement. So often we roll through our morning on autopilot, only taking the necessary steps to get us from bed, to the bathroom, and into the car. Finding small ways to get the blood pumping early can provide both energy and motivation to take the day by storm, AND help you get a better night’s sleep which ultimately aids in more natural energy (what a beautiful cycle). Add any movement that activates muscles or increases heart rate; this does not have to be complex or time consuming. You could:
    • do squats while brushing your teeth
    • knock out as many push-ups as you can before your shower
    • take a walk around the block
    • plank while you wait for your breakfast to heat
    • do lunges from one room to another
      • You can be as creative as you want here; the important part is finding something that you will actually do and may even look forward to

  6. Nourishment. A blood sugar roller coaster ride can lead to wonky energy levels, usually resulting in an afternoon slump and intense hanger by dinner. When we start the day with a carbohydrate focus (juices, fruit-packed smoothies, bagels, donuts, oatmeal, cereal, etc) it starts the blood sugar spike-drop-hanger cycle, usually leading to hunger not even 2 hours after the first meal. Break your fast with a focus on protein, healthy fats, and fiber to keep your blood sugar stable and feel energized! Some ideas:
    • eggs, uncured bacon, and veggies
    • a smoothie made with 1/4 cup berries, a loaded handful of spinach, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp no-sugar-added nut butter, and a good quality protein powder/collagen
    • grass-fed steak with broccoli and mushrooms in olive oil *Your first meal of the day can be anything that nourishes and satisfies you. My first meal today was a tuna steak!

If you have any questions or would like help figuring out how to add these into your routine, please reach out for a quick chat or longer consultation!

In good health & gratitude


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